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for ¾ of all German federal states.


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With such different personalities and workstyle preferences in the office, we believe that work environments need to be adaptable. Muffle creates spaces in open offices that promote different concentrations and collaborations.


An isolated room can improve the individual concentration and thus facilitate the work. Muffle promotes individual and group work by providing a discrete space with visual boundaries and acoustic absorption. By reducing excessive sensory stimulation, muffle reduces distractions and stress, while the soft-cushioned surfaces create a warm, yet relaxed focus.


The multitude of color and layout variations allow a variety of spaces to meet the needs of a wide range of workers.

Muffle reduces the noise emission with acoustic NRC and SAA values of 0.5.




The Form of well-being!

Today's office chairs demand more than just functionality. An area that creates a sense of home creates a working environment in which the employees feel comfortable. Lives chairs give the office a casual look and are equipped with the latest features employees want.


Designed to fit in a cafe or in your living room. The Work Chair is equipped with all basic functions to ensure a comfortable posture.


Employees are no longer bound to their office desks. They are mobile and move from one place to another throughout the day. In open office spaces, the Lounge Work Chair is ideal as a touchdown spot and creates a personal oasis.

Esthetic and function harmonize.

Much more! They work together.




The "SW" and "Cruise" workstations from okamura offer the user the greatest possible flexibility to make ergonomic use of his workplace. The times when you had to adapt to your workplace are over. Thanks to the well-thought-out functions, cared with an appealing design, your workplace will now adapt to you. This gained flexibility is healthy, inspiring and increases efficiency.


The journey to a new and healthier style of work begins with the change of attitude.



okamura tables, timeless, shapely and considered even in smaller spaces, always a maximum of workspace to provide. Function and design, harmoniously united. You will love it!



With okamura high-performance acoustic modules, making rooms audibly more beautiful.